MIS Medical
stands for quality
and research

With over twenty years of experience in the healthcare-hospital and community sectors

The company has grown significantly in the past years, and became one of the leading players in the healthcare sector.

MIS Medical has become synonymous with technological innovation, design but, above all, patient care.

This ethos has allowed MIS Medical to make further progress in terms of quality, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, a wide range of production areas, material research and cutting-edge technical design solutions, while boasting as an excellent value for money ratio.

The production capacity of the company has an area of 10,500 mq. on which modern woodworking and metalworking machines are operating.

The entire production cycle is carried out by qualified personnel able to manage the entire process, thus ensuring a high-quality end product.

The strength of a group through synergy and innovation

MIS Medical is part of We.Do Holding Spa, a company that manages the shareholders capital and is a group of six companies specialized in the house, office and communities world.

The Holding supports and promotes all companies’ projects of development and growth in the Italian and international market in a strategic and managerial way.


MIS Medical is constantly working to improve the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals.


To ensure the quality and safety of our products we have chosen to comply with some international standards.

Ethical code

The values of MIS Medical are important and are followed by each corporate employee in both internal and external relationships.

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